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Photographer & Filmmaker  I  Adelaide Hills  & Beyond

If you were to scroll through your phone photo album right now, how many photos are there of  YOU in there? And I don't mean all those selfies, I mean photos of you, right in there doing life beside your kids?

Or are you like me, the one always behind the camera?

You will never regret existing in your families photo albums - so let's make that happen!




Photo Credit - White Willow Photography


I'm Chantel, and as a mum myself, I understand how busy life suddenly becomes, how one morning we wake up and our kids have grown, are starting to take up more of our lap and going off to their first day of school. I also understand how desperately we want to slow it all down and savour them being this little...

Photos & Films

I make honest photos & films for families who embrace the chaos and the imperfectness.


Who know these years just go too fast, and in the blink of an eye your babies will no longer be so small, but your photos will grace your walls as a reminder of those precious years of their childhood.

Let me tell Your Story

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The best gifts we can give our children is the memories we make with them, because one day, all your children will have are pictures of us.


Make sure you're in them.

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Chantel's commitment to capture our family being authentically 'us' made it so easy to feel comfortable and enjoy our Life at Home shoot.


So many pictures, I didn't even notice her capturing it in the moment as we were having so much fun. She certainly has a gift of finding angles, lighting and editing to make our raw moments look so wonderful in the final image.


Chantel really took the time to get to know our family rhythm and it shows - the pictures are stunning and I can see our kids personalities jumping out of the screen!



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Kind Words (1).png

Bec - Life at Home session

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