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A little bit about me

Hello & Welcome!

When I'm not out photographing or filming behind the camera, you can find me at home, with my 3 kids and the husband, most likely still renovating our tiny little home (it's a never ending project!), camping, taking the kids for a bike ride or exploring some our favourite places around our little town!

I understand how busy life suddenly becomes, how one morning we wake up and our kids have grown, are starting to take up more of our lap and going off to their first day of school. I also understand how desperately we want to slow it all down and savour them being this little....

As a parent we put so much of ourselves into raising our children and families, that we deserve to be documented in amongst the craziness of it all as well. I am passionate about getting YOU in the frame too, to capture your children reaching their little hands up to YOU to give you that cuddle.

I want you to look at your photos and be able to relive what those cuddles felt like, the joy that those games you played with your kids brought them. And I want them to see you there too, the gentle way you held them and the loving way you looked at them. That you were right there with them as well.

So I'm here to encourage you to get in the frame as well. To tell you that now is the perfect time to get those photos taken, to celebrate you as a mother and all that you do. 

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My style and approach to each session is natural, authentic and simple. I won't be posing you, it won't be awkward and your kids won't have to be on their best behaviour (if you've seen mine pop up on my social media at all, you know I'm quite used to spirited kids!) All I want for you is to enjoy your time together. Hug each other, tickle each other and play with each other - just be you.


I want to capture all those moments that make YOU as a family special. All those moments your kids will look back on and remember just how much they were loved.

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