Frequently asked questions


"I love the idea of documenting this time of my kids childhood, but I am not 100% confident to be in the photos myself, I still don't look or feel the way I want to..."

I know this feeling, and I think you will find that nearly every mother feels this way too. But our kids don't see us this way, they see us as the person they love, they see warm hugs and loving arms. They deserve to have a record of us right now, alongside them as well. 

I take great care to photograph you all from flattering angles. and the main priority for me is the connection between you all. Most mums who I have photographed have found that they often see past the flaws they think they have, and only notice the way their children gaze at them and the loving smiles on their faces. 


"Our home isn't modern, or "instagram worthy", so I'm worried it won't work for a photo session..." 

Honestly, even though we think almost everyone else out there have all these amazing, tidy, Instagram homes, I can guarantee that most people don't. And for those that do, they probably don't have kids!


It's your home, and it tells your own, unique story. It's where your kids will make all their memories and when they look back on their photos, all those memories will come flooding right back. 

When you book your session with me, I send through a prep guide that will give you a few pointers in how to best prepare your home, so don't stress about that right now.


"What if we are sick on the day of our session, or the weather is bad?"

I can't control the weather, and we also can't really escape a cold or virus when we have kids! In the case that someone in the family does become unwell, then we will reschedule (as per current guidelines)

In the case that the weather is extremely windy, wet, or a catastrophic fire danger rating, and depending on the session you have booked in, then we will reschedule. If the weather is overcast or cold then we will still go ahead. 


"What if my kids are uncooperative or don't behave during our session?"

I have 3 kids, 2 of them boys who never sit still or rarely listen to me, so I am very used to kids who like to do their own thing. Most parents always think their kids won't cooperate or listen, but I have never had a session where this has been the case! 

My sessions are pretty relaxed, and I really love it when kids do their own thing. I am very understanding and patient with each child, but if I really need, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve that often work to bring their attention back and get them involved. 


"Do you travel for sessoins at all?" 

Yes! While I'm based in the Adelaide hills, I am more than happy to travel to rural SA as well. We often spend time on the Yorke Peninsula, and put any dates we are travelling over on my social media.