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Legacy Films

As a parent we are constantly trying to capture memories of our kids, the milestones big and small as well as the everyday, mundane moments.


BUT I also believe it is just as important to capture and record the life stories of the elderly ones we love in our family. There is so much we can learn from our own families life experiences, and even those who believe they haven't lived an exciting life, still have many stories worth documenting.

What is a Legacy Film?

More and more people these days are researching their family history. While getting our loved ones to write their stories and memories down is a great place to start, it can be stressful and reading them can take a long time. 


A legacy film takes that stress away. It's a way to document your senior loved ones life's story, from memories of their own parents, their own childhood and experiences, documented in their own, unique voice and mannerisms. 

One day, when they are gone, their memories and stories will be gone with them. Don't live with the regret that you didn't ask enough about their lives and experiences, that you didn't document them in some way for your own children. It's such a beautiful, personal gift for them and future generations to come.

These films are completely tailored to your family. Questions and memories that are relevant just to them, so no two life stories look the same.


"I found the whole experience enjoyable, and the way you made me feel at ease and the interest you took in relating my life story was wonderful. I am sure that future generations will be able to look back at their ancestors lives and cherish who they are and where they have come from. I highly recommend Chantel for the chance to do this."

- Ann

How does it work?

1. Let’s have a chat


Tell me all about you and your loved ones, and what memories you want to capture of them, right down to the way they greet you at the door every time you visit. I'll send you through a guide to give your loved ones so they are aware of what the film is and how it will run.

2. Book in your session


Thank you for inviting me into your space to create some magic with you all. To secure your booking, I’ll send you a deposit invoice and contract to sign.


3. Start Planning


I'll send through a little questionnaire to help with some ideas of what mean the most to you and your loved ones, and a few questions about their background. Together we will schedule a phone call or zoom meeting and go over any specific memories you wish to capture, and plan what areas of their life story we might cover. 

4. Let's go!


Relax! I'll arrive at your loved ones home, sit down with them and guide them through the interview with our carefully chosen questions. The interview process feels much more like a relaxing chat!


Legacy Film pricing
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