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2022 Price Guide

Legacy Film price guide - 2022

Photographer & Filmmaker | Adelaide

My philosophy

My philosophy

As a parent we are constantly trying to capture memories of our kids, but I also believe it is just as important to capture and record the life stories of the elders in our family.


There is so much we can learn from our own families life experiences, and even those who believe they haven't lived an exciting life, still have many stories worth documenting.

All the reasons why

But why hire me?


More and more people these days are researching their family history.


While getting our loved ones to write their stories and memories down is a great place to start, it can be stressful and reading them can take a long time.


A legacy film takes that stress away. It's a way to document your senior loved ones life's story, from memories of their own parents, their own childhood and experiences, documented in their own, unique voice, in their own home where they are most comfortable.


There is so much we don't realise we don't know about our grandparents and parents, a life story film is a way to bring their history to life.

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"I found the whole experience enjoyable, and the way you made me feel at ease and the interest you took in relating my life story was wonderful. I am sure that future generations will be able to look back at their ancestors lives and cherish who they are and where they have come from. I highly recommend Chantel for the chance to do this."

- Ann

All the reasons why

But why hire me when you could record your family legacy in writing?

Because you'll have a record of not only their life experiences, but it will be recorded in their unique voice and mannerisms.

Even those who think they haven't lived an overly exciting life still have many stories worth documenting.


Don't live with the regret that you didn't ask enough about their lives and experiences, that you didn't document them in some way for your own children. It's such a beautiful, personal gift for them and future generations to come.



That’s why you hire me.

Because once our loved ones are gone, their memoires will be gone with them.

My approach

The thought of talking on camera can be daunting, and I can completely understand this. I really strive to make your loved ones as comfortable as possible and I like to begin my sessions with a chat, get to know them a bit more, look through some old photos together and listen to them talk. The more comfortable they are beforehand, the easier they can recall memories and the more meaningful your film becomes. Their facial expressions, unique laugh and mannerisms is what I love to try to capture on both film and photo.


If you wish to come along and attend the session too, that's totally fine!

What to expect

2022 Prices

The Whole life story

- your 2-3 hour relaxed filming session and interview with 1 or both of your loved ones

- held in their own home, a place full of memories.

- Your fully edited legacy film

- Your entire high resolution digital image gallery, delivered to you in a private online gallery

- a video book to keep your life story film on for your family to watch at any time

- a $50 print credit for your online gallery store


Life story Film

- your 2-3 hour relaxed filming session and interview with 1 or both of your loved ones

- held in their own home, a place full of memories.

(the option to film in a nursing home if no longer at home)

- Your fully edited legacy film, length is dependant on the interview and extra filming, including royalty free licensed music

- A bonus 5 high resolution digital images delivered to you in a private online gallery

- a $50 print credit in your online gallery store

- The option to add your full digital photo gallery.


A $200 session fee is required as a non-refundable deposit to hold your date, this is credited towards your chosen package, with the remainder due one week before your session date. Upgrades will be available both before and after your session.

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A typical session will start off by spending a few minutes together just having a chat. This gives your loved one a chance to get comfortable with me and relax. We'll look over any photos and photo albums they have out ready.


Then once we've gotten acquainted, I'll grab my camera and start by alternating between filming and photographing your loved one. We'll talk more about how this will look based on the plans we decide on during the call. I will also set my camera and microphone up, sit your loved one down and start our very relaxed interview.


If you've hired me for a life story film, your session will go for about 2-3 hours. This covers the interview, a bit of filming around the home well as time to take a few photographs.


If you've hired me for a couples legacy film, your session will go for about 3- 4 hours. This gives us time for the same as a life story film, but we spend a little extra time of the memories of both people as well.


Generally we'll start your session in the morning, as this will give us plenty of time for filming.


During our pre session consultation call, we'll create a loose plan for your session based around the answers to your questionnaire.

On the day of the session



How often do we think to take a few portraits, or even a quick snap of our elderly loved ones?


I know may will shy away from the camera, they will say they don't enjoy having their photo taken and this is why I like to steer away from the traditional portrait and like to capture them as they are, doing the everyday, mundane tasks around the home.


These are the sorts of images we will look back on and remember them fondly.


During the session I like to switch between both film and photo, making this a much less intimidating experience than purely a photo session.


If you don't want this at all, easy peasy! We won't do it ;)

Travel Sessions

I love travelling and am happy to work with clients in places all over the country. If you'd like to book me for a session outside of Adelaide, I ask that in addition to my usual fees, you also cover the cost of a return trip airfare, 1 night accommodation (2 nights if i'm travelling farther than a 3hr flight), and car hire. to check prices, simply search for flights through QANTAS FROM Adelaide to your nearest airport, plus car hire fees in your town, and accommodation options nearby.


Either I can book these services and invoice you for them, or you can book them under my name and pay them directly, just let me know what you'd like to do.


If you know someone nearby you that would also like to book a session with me, I'm happy to split the travel costs between you both.


If I'm already travelling to your location, you won't be responsible for any additional travel costs.


How to book

Thanks so much again for your interest in booking a session with me!


I would absolutely love to work with you and your family.


When you're ready to book, please email me with the type of session you'd like to book, and the month you have in mind.


You'll need to pay a $200 deposit to hold your date, and then the remainder will be due the week before your session or you can opt for split payment options (get in touch and we can go through them).


Let me know in your email to me which payment option you would prefer.


You can reach me at


My office hours are Tues & Thurs between 9:00am - 3:00pm

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