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Life At Home sessions are just as they sound -


they capture your life at home


all those moments of your lives together, as you are, in your own home where all your memories are made.

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What does a typical weekend day look like to you? 

Are your family the type to enjoy a slow start to the weekend, making pancakes together before hanging out in the backyard, playing with the kids?

Or are your children like mine and never seem to sit still, instead you spend the weekend watching them bounce between playing together inside before running out the back to jump on the trampoline or ride their bikes, while fetching them snacks in between?

Whatever your weekends look like - these sessions will be completely unique to you. They are a way to capture your kids as they are right now, so they can flip through their family photos when they are older, and remember their childhood just the way it was, in years to come.

How does a Life At Home session work?

Firstly I'll send you through a questionnaire, where we go through what a typical weekend looks like for you and any particular memories you might like captured.

Then, we pick a few things to do and on the day of your session, I come along spend some time photographing the things you love doing most together. 

These sessions are very relaxed, and my aim is for you to fully involve yourself in the moment. There is no posing or prompts, and very very little guiding from me.

And your home doesn't need to be magazine worthy either, it's where all your memories are made and perfect as it is!

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We have a unique family, with 5 wyldlings who hold their own personalities strongly, making it hard to capture everyone. Chantel was amazing to capture all of us. We were absolutely stoked with the final pictures and have our gorgeous family taking centre stage on our wall, with the addition of some of our favourites. Chantel captured some magical shots, to which we will treasure always. Thankyou Chantel xx

- Lea