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How to display your photos at home and why! I Adelaide Hills Photographer

So you've gone to the trouble to update your family photos, but don't know what to do with them from here? (and I'm not talking about just sharing them online....)

We often go on and on and on about printing your photos, but how do you know where to print them, and why?

There's no doubt that a professional photo is much better printed through a professional lab, and most photographers will have their own preferred one to print through, so the easiest way to get them printed is to ask your photographer!

But why should you display your photos around your home?

Research suggests that printing and displaying your photos around the home can give your kids a sense of belonging and security. As a photographer it's our job to create and make the image of your family, look and feel like a safe space for your kids, where they know they are safe and protected. It let's your children know who they are, and where they fit in. And if this isn't one of the most important reasons to print and display your photos, then I don't know what is.

Aside from that, jpeg images, which are generally stored on your computer, also deteriorate over time. Each time you copy, paste or duplicate the file, the quality of your original image, which is likely saved as a jpg by your camera or smart phone, will start to get worse. Prints won't.

Now we've determined why you should print your photos, how will you display them? While you could just print and store them in a box, tucked away for no one to see unless you intentionally dig them out, here's a few idea's to keep them out, for everyone to see.

Gallery Wall, one of my favourite ways to print and display your images! There are so many ways to group together your prints in frames to hang on the wall. Pick different sizes or different styles of frames, lay them out on the floor in the pattern you want and go for it!

Albums or photo books. One of the easiest ways to print a large selection of photos, together in one place that allows the kids to hold and flip through. There is something extra special about physically holding your photos and being able to have a really good long look at them! There are plenty of places around Australia that will print budget friendly books, ideal for kids to flip through without being afraid of damaging them. While professional labs offer archival print albums for those extra special prints.

Calendars. While most of us have a smartphone these days, with a calendar included, remember that most of our children probably don't. While they learn their numbers, days of the week and months of the year, or cross off each day in anticipation for a birthday or big event, the bonus is they will see photos of themselves and their loved one while doing so!

Regular prints. The type of photos our parents and grandparents would have, either loose or in an album. Make sure to label each photograph (with ink) with the date, location and those who are in the picture, so that when your kids are older, they will be able to look back and easily tell what the photo is about.

Store them in a box, but make sure they are easily accessible for anyone to pull out when they feel like it, so they can shuffle through them all.

There are so many other ways to display your photos like creating fridge magnets from them or even putting a photo on a mug! And if in doubt about what you might want to do with them, ask your kids!

Have you had a photo session with me before and interested in printing your photos from your session? Get in touch with me here to discuss the best option for you.

Chantel xx


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