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Why mums need to get in the frame too I Adelaide Family and Newborn photographer

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

It was about this time last year, just before my littlest turned 3, and the baby days were basically behind me, and just how quickly it crept up on me without realising. And what photos did I have to look back on, to prove that I was there too? Not many.

So I decided that my aim from then on was to get in the frame more, and embrace the self portrait, as intimidating as that sounds!

If there is 1 thing I have learned from being a family and newborn photographer, and a mother of 3 myself, it's that we mothers generally hesitate to include ourselves in photos. And it's absolutely understandable, our bodies have changed, we are no longer as young as we once were, and, usually we are just so tired (hello under eye bags!). We don't always have the time to do our hair and makeup, and sometimes even change out of our trackpants...

But if there is another thing I know, we want photos of our kids, we want to remember them being as little and cute as they are right now. To remember their milestones, their smiles, their chubby fingers and toes. But what do our kids want to remember when they look back on all the photos of them as a child? - The way they were loved, they want to see us in them too.

So much of our own parenting journey goes undocumented during this time. They won't see us in the background, making sure their lunches are made, their clothes are clean and they are kept warm & safe.

When we look back at photos of our own parents, what do we see? I can probably guarantee our kids don't see us the way we see ourselves either, they don't see the not always quite neat hair, the squishy tummies or the tired eyes, all they see is warm arms and hugs, loving eyes, and lot's of love.

They love us just as we are, so why shouldn't we do the same?

We need to make tangible memories for our own kids, to show them that we were there too, to give them a glimpse of our motherhood journey for when they start their own.

And one day we won't be in the picture any longer, and the only way they will feel close to us is when they see photos of us together.

So get in the frame Mama, you won't regret it.

Stuck on ideas on how to get in the frame? Here are a few tips! Do you need a fancy camera to document this time of your life? absolutely not.

The best camera is the one you have with you.

1. Write a list

What is the one moment you want to remember about your and your kids at this stage, right now? And what will be different about them this time next year? - They way they cuddle you? Their face when you make them laugh? Their baby teeth smile? The quiet moments at home together? Write it down, then make time to take that photo. It's worth it.

2. Make it faceless.

Don't feel 100% comfortable with how you look or feel some days? Getting in the frame doesn't strictly mean you need to include your face. Include your arms and hands only to capture the warmth of a big, squishy toddler hug instead.

3. have some fun with it!

In this first shot, I was tired (very tired), we were stuck in the house (along with every other family mid 2020) and the last thing I wanted was to take a photo, BUT the kids were bored, so we had some with it instead. (and It's one of my most liked and relatable photos on my social media as well...)

Pick something you enjoy doing together, or as the kids for their own ideas for a photo, it's one way to get them willingly involved!

Set the self timer, and if you can, set it to take multiple shots, and go!

4. Remember who you are making these photos for.

In a world where we share much of our lives over social media, I want you to stop and remember WHO exactly we are making these photos for? Us, our kids, or the rest of the world?

We are making them as memories for ourselves and out children. The rest of the world doesn’t need to see them if we don’t want them to. Print them out, fill an album or a box with them and keep them somewhere safe, to bring back out for the kids to look through. If they aren’t the best photo out there, who cares!



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