What to wear

If you're wondering what to wear to your session, I can tell you that you aren't alone! 

Really, the most important thing I want you to keep in mind when planning your session, is for you all to be comfortable. Dress what you would normally dress in for a nice day out, but if you aren't that sort of family,  just wear what makes you, YOU. 

Do the kids have a favourite shirt or dress they insist on wearing everyday? let them wear it. Do they insist on wearing gumboots all day? Don't worry about. Let them wear what makes them, them.


This time in your lives is what makes it all so special. In years to come, it will bring all those little memories right back (like many of my own family photos where we have our own batman in the family...)

Baby Lily (54).jpg

Firstly, you don't need to dress everyone in matching white shirts and Jeans. Dress in what makes you feel amazing and comfortable - If you like throw in a bit of colour, but try to avoid anything too bright and patterns that are too big. This tends to be a bit of a distraction in your photos.


I also like to steer clear of wearing black and white, as this tends to contrast a little too much, and white will also pick up the colours of what the person standing close by is wearing.

The same goes for logos, words or characters. Try to avoid them, but if this isn't possible, then I recommend trying to make sure they are really small. 


I usually recommend starting with one piece of clothing, be this a floral dress or skirt for mum or one of the kids, or even a textured knit. Then bring in the rest of the clothes for the family. 


I always suggest nice neutral, warm or earthy colours. Think olive greens, rust, mustard, rosey pinks or warm browns, but blues, like navy will often work too.


Try to keep in mind the location. If we are holding your session outside in the park/bush with a lot of greenery, try to pick some warmer, complementary colours so you don't blend in ;)

If we are walking a fair bit, wear comfortable shoes or gumboots for the kids if it's particularly wet.

If it's a cooler evening, then make sure to pack some warmer jumpers to pop on if need be. While kids often say they aren't cold, they likely will be. If they get wet, they will be uncomfortable and it will show in the photos. 


A few extra things to take note of -

kids and dresses - If your child is wearing a dress, consider wearing some plain shorts underneath. Kids can be quite active, and sometimes dresses can get caught and flash their undies, so have something to cover them just incase! While I'm not at all fussed, If you are considering printing your photos for the wall, I'm sure not having knickers on show is probably preferable. 

The same goes for nappies - consider a cute nappy cover if your baby wears disposables. If your using cloth, pick your favourite ;)

Hats and Beanies - Your more than welcome to bring and wear them, but often they cover your face and that's what we are aiming to capture! If it's cold, then beanies are fine, but just like your clothing, try to avoid any with large logos or bright colours. Try to wear one that is complementary to what you are wearing

Bra Straps - Kids are very active! or even if you have a young baby, they will likely grab at your top. Try to wear one that won't slip, and one that will cover your bra straps. The less time spent fixing your top during your photos, the more time you have to relax and enjoy yourself!


If you've booked a "life at home" session, then this is a little different. I want you to be as true to real life as you can. Wear what is comfortable for you, or a little more dressed up version, like you would if you were to hold a bbq with friends.


 This is totally up to you.

If your kids have a favourite piece of clothing they wear all the time, and this is something you want to always remember, let them wear it! 

If you are planning on printing any of these photos for the wall, then perhaps dress them in the clothes you want first, and let them change later on.

Wear what is appropriate for the activities you choose to capture. If you are riding bikes, then obviously wear the helmets you have. If we are going for a walk around the paddock, or feeding the amimals, then choose the most appropriate shoes to do this, and keep in mind the season! 

And I am more than happy to help out if you are still a bit stuck on what to wear, or are totally overwhelmed by all of the above!

If you have picked out what you might like to wear, feel free to lay it all out and send me a photo. 

This is truly just a guide, and you should wear what represents you all as a family.


Just be yourselves!